The Braves Lock in Ballarat Show

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The Braves Lock in Ballarat Show

Approximately 35km east of Melbourne’s CBD, you will find Belgrave. Here is the home of The Braves, a trio of “shell shock therapists, warlords of rhythm, disciples of Samurai”.

There may be readers who have let out an exhaustive sigh at the endless stream of seemingly ‘me me me’ artists – a feeling shared by members of the band. So, they set out to do something different. Recorded in the industrial estates and factory district of a broken town through DAT tape machines and old technology, the band released their debut album, South Paw Product, in 2014.

Contra Tortura is their most recent release, an EP they describe as “the counter to the torture of modern day fuckery”. Babushka Bar, Ballarat – May 27.