‘The Bleeding Tree’: The award-winning fierce revenge gothic tale coming to the region’s stage

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‘The Bleeding Tree’: The award-winning fierce revenge gothic tale coming to the region’s stage

The award-winning gothic thriller The Bleeding Tree is being brought to the Anglesea Memorial Hall this November.

Shining a light on powerful social issues, Anglesea Performing Arts is bringing the staging of Angus Cerini’s Gothic Australian masterpiece The Bleeding Tree to the region for a limited run at the Anglesea Memorial Hall this November.

A theatrical experience that will draw you in, hold you captive and make you question your role in society as the bystander, The Bleeding Tree will show from Thursday, November 10 until Saturday, November 19 2022 with various shows at 8pm and 2:30pm.

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The multi-award-winning play is a powerful roaring rampage of revenge in a dusty town in rural Australia that follows a mother and her two daughters after they shoot dead their abusive husband and father. The only issue now is disposing of the body.

Triggered into thrilling motion by an act of revenge, The Bleeding Tree unravels a complex, brutal and searing examination of abuse, power and control, resulting in a rude, rhythmical, heartbreaking and darkly funny performance. Imagine a murder ballad blown up for the stage, set against a deceptively deadly Aussie backdrop, with three fierce females fighting back.

Taking on Cerini’s poetic and dark script, the complex and daring production will come to life under the masterful direction of Iris Walshe-Howling and will see three talented and highly experienced actors, Lina Libroaperto, Julie Fryman and Stacey Carmichael, take on the roles as the three fierce and complex women. With an original and haunting score by Kirstin Honey, this piece is sure to have you captivated.

“I first saw this play in Sydney and fell in love with its powerful, raw beauty and brave reversal of gender violence. It attracted and repelled me simultaneously but the gut wrenching imagery created by Angus Cerini’s incisive poetic use of the Australian vernacular hit me straight in the guts,” Walshe-Howling says.

“It challenged all my values as this gruesome carnal act perpetrated by the three woman unfolded permeating all my senses scene by scene.This piece of theatre is a contrapuntal response to the actual horrific family violence scenarios we are accustomed to confront each day in our media still challenging the very survival of women all over the world.”

Bleeding Tree Promo.mov from Stacey Carmichael on Vimeo.

The Bleeding Tree is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most successful and awarded plays of the decade. Critics have hailed Angus Cerini’s morbidly hilarious fable as “powerful, visceral and deeply exhilarating” theatre “unhesitatingly recommended”. Winner of the Griffin Award, Helpmann for Best Play, and an AWGIE, this is vital, confronting and urgent theatre.

You’ll be able to see Angus Cerini’s roaring rampage of revenge brought to the stage at the Anglesea Memorial Hall from Thursday, November 10 until Saturday, November 19 2022.

Tickets can be purchased hereFind out more about the production and Anglesea Performing Arts here