The Black Aces

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The Black Aces

Known for rockin’ the double denim, some solid Aussie rock and throwing back beers like it’s nobody’s business, the Black Aces lads are also heading out with a few shows, so naturally, we caught up with the all-round legends.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

Hey, we are tops! We’ve just been sucking tins and getting this release organised.

Your debut album ‘Shot In The Dark’ is about to be released. What can we expect on this one?

It’s a rock ‘n’ roll album. Straight down the line hard Aussie rock. You could say it’s a concept album, based on booze, sex and badassery.

After touring all around Australia and the UK does it feel great to be coming back to Bendigo for a hometown show?

It’s great to be playing at home. We always have a good night, the bar staff are great and it usually ends up as a huge party back at ours.

With your UK trip, we heard it was a two-week beer fueled affair, we imagine there’d be a tonne of antics that were had. Any that you’re keen to share with our readers?

Ya know that scene in Trainspotting, the worst toilet in Scotland? Well we were in Sheffield, and I think a combination of a liquid dinner and about 10 thousand pints of Guinness along the way had finally got Alex. He wasn’t lookin too flash… Anyway, I think it was before we went on, he was sitting at the end of the bar, and the penny dropped, his body had had enough and he shot off to the dunny. But yeah, the only dunny in the blokes was this shitter from Trainspotting, just grime, filth, caked on shit, water full to the brim. Al came powering in there at a hundred miles an hour, and unleashed an almighty chunder, launching the filth water from the bowl straight back in the poor buggers face. Ah we had a laugh.

On the topic of venues, you’re a regular act at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar. What continues to draw you back there?

We love playing at Cherry; the vibe of the joint is always cracking and we always pull a great crowd there. They’ve looked after us really well right from start. The girls and guys behind the bar are always going above and beyond for the band as far as plying us with drinks and good times. It has really become a stronghold for us.

With your recent and upcoming tour there’s clearly a lot of driving, who has control of the music and what kind of tracks fuel your road trips?

We all take turns spinning the discs. We listen to a lot of shit that people wouldn’t associate with us. It’s a real eclectic mix, one minute we will have Warren Zevon and Bob Dylan, the next it’s Motörhead and Judas Priest.

We’ve noticed you’ve got a little bit of a penchant for denim, what are your thoughts of the double denim faux pas?

What faux pas? Haha! We have always believed the more denim the better. Fuck, some of us have been known to go the whole hog and rock the triple!

We know you’re lovers of classic rock, who are some other bands repping the genre in Australia?

The Melbourne legends Dead City Ruins are unbeatable, The Bitter Sweethearts from Sydney are a cracking good time rock ‘n’ roll band and the Legs Electric girls from Perth play some of the classiest classic rock in the country right now.
There’s an emergency and you only have time to take just one of the following – an AC/DC album of your choosing, your favourite beer or your favourite pair of jeans. Which one do you choose?

I’d have to go with the Acca album. Beer only lasts so long, Powerage is forever!

Aside from your album release, what other exciting things do you have planned for 2016?

We are planning on heading back to Europe by mid-year. We want to tour over there as much as we can from here on out, so once the album’s out, all focus is on that.

Anything else you would like to add?

Keep on rockin’ in the free world kids, we’ll see you at the bar!

When & Where: Whole Lotta Love, Melbourne – January 25, Golden Vine Hotel, Bendigo – January 29 & Cherry Bar, Melbourne – February 26