The Binge

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The Binge

Welcome to the first instalment of Binge where I let you know how to productively waste your time with highlights from the internet. From Youtube vids, series to subreddits; I’m scouring all corners of the internet to bring you the top things to binge on.

1. The Sex Factor
Not for the faint hearted, this porn reality tv show follows 8 civilians vying for $1million dollar and the title of pornstar. I’m three episodes deep *smirk* and this is FULL on. Not at all sexy, but very, very entertaining and no, nothing is blurred.

2. Bee and Puppycat
An animation about an unemployed 20 something girl and her cat… Need I say more? Sadly there are only about 4 episodes, so more a nibble than a binge but it’s so funny and totally weird and hopefully the final episodes will be released soon!

3. Shane Dawson conspiracy videos
I’m not a fan of Shane Dawson, but I AM a fan of conspiracies and Dawson covers everything from the Illuminati (despite him totally being in it >.>) to Katy Perry being JonBenet Ramsey, to the moon landing and more! He’s got about 14 vids in his playlist so binge the night away my friends.

Caitlin Haddad