The Biggest Tour of 2019: Metallica WorldWired Tour with Slipknot

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The Biggest Tour of 2019: Metallica WorldWired Tour with Slipknot

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard, heavy metal legends Metallica are returning down under on their WorldWired Tour for what is set to be the biggest tour of 2019. They’ll be bringing none other than masked maniacs, Slipknot, along for the ride and Australia can’t bloody wait!

In preparation for the monster tour, we’re exploring our top three best live Metallica performances across their nearly four decade career, and the top three best live Slipknot performances.


Seattle ‘89
While this statement may have counterarguments, Seattle ’89 is undeniably their best live show to date- just watch the footage! The crowd were animated for the entirety, with endless roars of screaming filling the Seattle Centre Coliseum and security overloaded with passed-out punters. The production was top-notch and the live footage is enough to make you feel like you were there while at the same time giving you serious FOMO.

What makes this more special is that this took place during that vocal transition period for James Hetfield. From the rough and raw gravel to the more mellow and dewy tone we know from the Black Album onwards. Seattle ’89 showed the maturing of Metallica and the legacy that they will leave. It also provided the best rendition of Master of Puppets which, in itself, is enough to hail this their best live performance.

Moscow 1991
A sea of flags, devil horns and 1.6 million Russian punters (though there has been some discrepancy over the figures, having ranged anywhere between 500,000 to 2 million) watching on to an American band as the sun sets over Monsters of Rock festival is a #moment. Opening on ‘Enter Sandman’ (and possibly one of their best performances of the song), the band gave their everything over the 1hr20min set, transitioning seamlessly between songs. As they close and thank the crowd, you can see the utter disbelief and appreciation in their faces which is priceless!

Metallica with a symphony orchestra made up of nearly one hundred musicians and conducted by renowned film composer, Michael Kamen = chills. What could have been tacky and a straight-up gimmick became pure musical genius. S&M is 2 and a half hours of perfectly heavenly yet haunting arrangements and needs to be watched right now.


Download 2009
Download 2009 was a defining moment in Slipknot’s career. While the band was already on a global takeover, with their hit ‘Duality’ a classic by standards, headlining Download 2009 in Donington redefined Slipknot. Their performance of ‘Duality’ alone exuded passion and Corey Taylor’s introduction speech was commanding.

With a quick ‘I push my fingers into my…’ lead, the crowd erupted in a deafening chorus, taking full control of the song right until the final note. What made this performance all the more special was Corey Taylors reaction at the end saying a heartfelt, “I tell you right now- I’ve dreamed of this f**king moment since I was twelve years old and you never really grasp what you dream about until you look out and see 80,000 m*****f***ers in the audience”. We can only imagine the facial expression under that mask!

TFI Friday 2000
Going live on television can produce some of the most unexpected moments. When Slipknot made their debut on UK television on TFI Friday in 2000, chaos ensured. The band was already making waves around the world but it was this performance that set them alight. During the performance of ‘Wait and Bleed’, the crowd became animalistic which famously resulted in two cameramen getting drowned in the pandemonium. This performance put Slipknot front and centre of audiences in the UK and will go down in history as one of the best live television performances.

Disasterpieces, 2002
Much like the other two performances, this one took place on UK shores. There is an undeniably strong connection between Slipknot and their UK fans and it was again showcased during their London Arena stop for Disasterpieces. In 2002, Slipknot were at their prime with their youthful energy still taking over their sets and their DGAF attitude as clear as day. During their performance of ‘The Heretic Anthem’, Slipknot were wild. Joey Jordison’s infamous spinning drum kit, the over the top pyrotechnics and the taunting of the crowd to give them more made this an exhilarating performance and by far the best rendition of ‘The Heretic Anthem’ to date.

If these performances aren’t enough to warrant buying a ticket to the WorldWired Tour then thank you, next. Melbourne has just added a second show for October 24 so get in quick to see two legendary metal bands in the flesh!

To leave you with an endnote coined by none other than the renowned Otto Mann, “METALLICA RU-U-ULES!”

WorldWired Tour
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne
Tuesday 22 and Thursday 24 October

Written by Tammy Walters
Photo by Paul Harries