The Best of The Bee Gees with Colin “Smiley” Peterson

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The Best of The Bee Gees with Colin “Smiley” Peterson

Drum protégé and child actor (SmileyThe Scamp & A Cry From The Streets), Colin was the official 4th band member and essential to the Bee Gees sound, driving the evolution of this supergroup on stage and in the studio.

He performed on 4 albums with the 3 brothers including the iconic #1 singles MassachusettsTo Love SomebodyNew York Mining DisasterI Started A Joke and so many more.

The Best of the Bee Gees has toured for over 2 decades and Colin says:

“It’s wonderful that these incredible songs live on through this great show and I am thrilled to add another dimension by sharing my memories.”

It would be a Tragedy to miss this ultimate tribute which continues to bring global audiences to their feet so BOOK NOW!