The best Geelong spots for the adrenaline junkie in your life

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The best Geelong spots for the adrenaline junkie in your life

Words by Benjamin Lamb

Read on, enjoy and get ready to live life on the edge again.

With so much time inside lately, there’s no question that a lot of us are ready to get out there, get out of our comfort zones, and get our heart rates up – and now we can!

Today we’re diving into some of the coolest things across the Geelong region that’ll send shivers down your spine.

Warbird Aerobatic Flight

This gives you an opportunity to be a fighter pilot for a day in a pretty cool ex-military Warbird fighter plane. For an unforgettable 10 minutes, you’ll be flown in all directions, the experience full of advanced manoeuvres and weightlessness that you can’t experience on an A380.

The flight takes off from Barwon Heads, where you’ll get stunning views of the Surf Coast, Bells Beach and the widely popular Great Ocean Road, if you’re not queasy from the topsy-turvy flight you’re on.

Book it in here through Redballoon.


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Clay Shooting

This awesome experience takes place out of Quandong, just a short drive from Geelong. You’ll get to try out shooting clay blocks, which sounds like a great way to kill some time and get some of that anger out.

They equip you with all the stuff you need – equipment, ammo, and a bunch of safety gear, so you’ll be sure it’s a safe venture. It’s pretty cheap as well, $149 for 150 minutes, a steal for the value you get out of it.

Check out some more info and book it here.

Swim With Dolphins

If you’re not up to swimming with the sharks just yet, start off with their quiet counterparts, dolphins. Run out of Queenscliff by the award-winning Sea All Dolphin Swims, this combo gives you the best of the beach in one little package.

It’ll involve you jumping on a boat, taking a trip around the bay, and swimming with some stunning Seals, dolphins and lots more at the world-renown diving and snorkelling site Pope’s Eye marine park. This’ll be one of the coolest experiences you’ll get.

Find out more here.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Get sky high with this experience, you’ll see the beautiful sites of Geelong on a 90 minute hot air balloon ride. It starts before sunrise – as you descend back to Earth, you’ll get to experience the sunrise up close.

After you land, you also get some breakfast too, which adds to the amazing experience. There’s no real spot for this experience – the company deciding on a takeoff spot each day, due to weather conditions and other factors.

Book it in here.

Geelong Gaol’s Haunted Halloween Zombie Fright Night

Happening on Halloween this year, Geelong Gaol is putting on something that’ll truly make your hairs stand up on the back of your neck. You’ll get to journey into the scariest spots of the penitentiary.

The experience lasts for around 45 minutes, and is only $35, a cheap way to feel scared for the rest of your life. They are holding the session over two times on the 30th of October, 8.30pm and 10pm.

Book it in through the Gaol’s website here.

World Series Paintball

If you’re keen to get some of that pent up anger out in some form – look no further than World Series Paintball. They’ve got a number of spots across the state – but the Geelong post operating out of Little River.

They are keen on creating an experience that’ll make you want to keep coming back. If you fall in love with it, they offer a VIP membership, for only $59, you can join their VIP group, which gives you a special experience for you and your party.

Check out some more info and book it in here.


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Tandem Skydive Barwon Heads

This is something that’s on pretty much everyones bucket list, and there’s a spot that lets you do it just down the road in Barwon Heads. You’ll drop out of the air at around 12,000ft/3km in the air, harnessed to a skydiving professional.

You’ll get to see some amazing views of the Great Ocean Road, the extensive Melbourne City skyline, and lots of other beautiful views. You’ll be travelling at around 200km/hour, this is truly not for the faint of heart at all.

Check out some more info and book it in here.

Live Wire Park

If you’re keen to journey along the treetops, check out Live Wire Park. The rainforest is full of nerve-racking bungees, ziplines, and lots more. It tests your physical, mental and emotional strengths, so make sure you’re ready to go.

They’ve got an extensive range of things you can do, one of the most poilu being the

‘Super Circuit’ which involves 53 mid-air trails, suspended bridges and a pretty cool Tarzan swing.

Check out some more info about the Live Wire Park here.


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