The Best Cities to Visit at Christmas Time

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The Best Cities to Visit at Christmas Time

As we all know, Christmas is such a magical time of year, and taking the time to travel overseas and see how other cities celebrate is an amazing way to start feeling a little jolly. You’ll get to soak up Christmas fever and embrace the craziness in another country. What more could you want from Santa?!
There are endless cities to choose from, and it’s all about personal choice. For me, as much as I love a summer Christmas, I can’t say no to a potentially white Christmas! You’ll definitely be noticing a theme with my choices.
So, here’s a list of places I’ve loved to visit over Christmas, or are cities that are on my list for the next time I am wanting to experience a Christmas other than an Australian one!
NEW YORK, USA – New York can get pretty chilly at this time of year, but don’t let that deter you. We all know this concrete jungle doesn’t do anything in half measures, so you’ll be in for a real treat! You’ll be greeted with cheerful faces, a splashing of snow, Christmas lights all over the place, and impressively decorated department stores. Not to mention unbelievable ice skating opportunities in Central Park!
PARIS, FRANCE – The city of love is seriously gorgeous during winter. Paris definitely knows how to charm, and transforms into a city covered in fairy lights and decorations. The Champs-Elysées is wonderfully decked out and hosts a classic Christmas Market at the end of the famous street.
LONDON, ENGLAND – My love for London grows much stronger over Christmas time. Sadly it doesn’t usually snow over Christmas, but it is terribly cold! The London charm intensifies and the classic architecture of the city comes to life. Oxford Street and Regent Street are always laden with beautiful lights, and the Christmas festivals and markets are not to be missed. Going to a pub on Christmas Day is always a hoot, too!
MUNICH, GERMANY – The Bavarian capital is known for its easy going (and beer flowing) nature, and it continues over the festive period. With live music and a hundred-foot-tall Christmas tree taking the spotlight in the Marienplatz, there’s a constant flow of traditional markets, mulled wine and delicious gingerbread to keep your Christmas needs satisfied.
REYKJAVIK, ICELAND – Prepare yourself for the cold if you’re heading this way over Christmas! Iceland’s capital offers a beautiful traditional Christmas, with very interesting and slightly strange Christmas traditions.
EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – This lovely city is awfully beautiful at any time of the year. Add winter and Christmas to it, and it’s even better! The Scottish know how to celebrate, so expect nothing less than impressive fireworks and holiday light shows. 
PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – This stunning, Gothic city with beautiful buildings is wonderful at Christmas. With dazzling Christmas decorations and endearing markets in Old Town Square, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.
As much as the classic Aussie Christmas is almost unbeatable, there’s nothing wrong with skipping a nice warm Christmas, for a cosy cold one! The world is a good-looking place at Christmas time!
Written by Katherine Reynolds / facebook/katthewanderer / @katthewanderer