The Bennies: Wisdom Machine

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The Bennies: Wisdom Machine

I remember it well, the time I first saw The Bennies live (at least well-aware of my surroundings) at Meredith where I witnessed the raw, manic energy of them on stage. Wisdom Machine takes you on a journey into what it means to be The Bennies, into their mind and the incredible shit they produce.

‘Heavy Reggae’ while obviously titled is the perfect opener for this release. The instrumental components of the first half are hands down a favourite of mine, seeing it live would be even more so. That riff.

If there’s a simple way to sum up this release is that it’s damn, fucking catchy, and I guess that’s what The Bennies have based their popularity off. They have you getting up with ‘Party Machine’ and ‘Maybe We Could Get High’ and it’s the kind of seemingly simple tracks that have you throwing caution to the wind. ‘Burnout City’ is a highlight for me, though I’ve always been more inclined towards the slight reggae influence of the Bennies. Listen to this release and 80% of the tracks will give you a sense of deja vu, mainly as triple j have played most of this album on repeat already. And for most, that’s nothing but a good sign.

Poison City Records
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring