The beloved Apollo Bay Seafood Festival takes a break for 2024

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The beloved Apollo Bay Seafood Festival takes a break for 2024

Words by Staff Writer

"We look forward to seeing you all back at the Apollo Bay Harbour in 2025."

In a twist of tide, the anticipated 2024 Apollo Bay Seafood Festival, slated for next February, won’t be gracing the Apollo Bay Harbour due to varying reasons.

The festival announced the news on socials earlier this week: “Unfortunately for varying reasons, the 2024 Apollo Bay Seafood Festival will not go forward as planned next February at the Apollo Bay Harbour.”

But it’s not all bad news, with the festival organisers revealing something special in the pot to soften the blow.

The harbour won’t be silent during that weekend. Instead of the usual festivities, a series of exclusive seafood dinners will take place across the town’s top-notch restaurants, spotlighting the freshest local catches. Details on these events will be served up shortly through the festival’s social media channels, website, and the gracious local businesses participating in this culinary showcase.

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While this news may cast a brief shadow over the seafood spectacle, there’s a silver lining on the horizon with festival organisers are already setting their sights on 2025, promising a triumphant return to the Apollo Bay Harbour.

So, even though the festival stage will remain quiet in 2024, the spirit of Apollo Bay’s seafood celebration will continue to echo through these intimate dinners, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated return in 2025.

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