The Beanies EGG-straordinary Day!

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The Beanies EGG-straordinary Day!

Presented By: Lighthouse Theatre

As seen on ABC Kids TV, The Beanies are live on stage!

Laura, Mim and Michael are ready to play with you! Come sing, dance and laugh in their giant box fort. But little do they know they’re about to face their biggest challenge ever – BABYSITTING…or should we say “egg-sitting”.

Turns out it’s harder than it looks: the trio argue about nap time, get confused about baby proofing and deal with crying fits – and then DISASTER! The egg is poached.

Now, The Beanies need your help to save EGGbert – together they will solve problems, unravel riddles and search for clues. Will they find EGGbert before the time is up? You’ll have to come along to find out… but beware of those Sneaky Robbers.

Recommended for ages 3 – 8