The Basics: Age of Entitlement

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The Basics: Age of Entitlement

It’s been six years since The Basics released a studio album and Age of Entitlement is their step back into it. The name says it all for this one and opener track ‘Whatever Happened to the Working Class’ is all about making a comment on the current political situation in Australia. The line “politicians sitting on their arse, whittling away at the few rights that we’ve got left” is certainly a line to kick politicians into shape. While I’m not a fan of the strum your guitar and talk about political issues type song, it’s still making a comment and that’s worth supporting.
The Basics have said previously that they don’t make music for anyone in particular, it’s more a means to express themselves, and that comes through in their tracks. There’s quite a lot of variance with each song and the talent really lies in their ability to tell a story, or spread some sort of meaning through their lyrics.
‘Good Times, Sunshine’ has that cheesy sing-a-long vibe that sits well with many of the ‘80s classics that we still sing out loud to this day – a favourite for me on the album. Another thing that’s consistent about this album is the strong Australian rock vibe that’s felt throughout, it’s a little bit ‘80s and feels like you’re listening to one of your parents favourite records.
Out now via The Three Basics Pty Ltd
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring