The Badloves in Bendigo

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The Badloves in Bendigo

Iconic Australian musicians The Badloves made their way to Bendigo’s Ulumbarra theatre early November to help celebrate yet another year of the Bendigo blues and roots festival, bringing with them years of experience and expertise. Comprised of various talented artists, there’s a reason why The Badloves still hold a very loyal and committed fanbase.
Front man of the band Michael Spiby showcased a non-stop passionate performance with crisp vocals and a falsetto to die for, although it wasn’t just the front man that had an impactful performance.
It must be said that each band member added their own unique aspect to the performance but it was to my delight that the drummer, Jeff Consi provided the audience with such a powerful yet precise showing, that it would be hard to forget what he achieved that night. Jeff had the stage presence of a lead guitarist, the crowd’s reaction to the drum solos would be proof of such presence.
For the first time at the Ulumbarra I witnessed audience members get out of their seats to dance along to their favourite hits. I was seated near a gentleman who would gasp with excitement song after song. It wasn’t just him, there was a general feeling of excitement in the air that lasted all night.
The Badloves performed meticulously through the evening, executing the show flawlessly and showing Bendigo that they’ve still got it, possibly even more so now than before.
As part of Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival
Reviewed by Alex Lynch
Photos by Justin Castles