The Australian Doors Tribute

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The Australian Doors Tribute

Whiskey a Go Go June 1966…. The Doors hit the stage with energy, and electricity ⚡️ bringing the room to a fever pitch. Jim Morrison announces the show … Is everybody in ? The ceremony is about to begin…

Australian Doors Tribute recreates this heat in their uncensored celebration of music and poetry of The Doors ….. George Douglas is hauntingly Jim Morrison with his unique vocal style. Deep, mysterious, dangerous, and so precise and exact..His spellbinding performance is uncanny. The band’s authentic 1969 sound performance takes you there …into the Whiskey a Go Go to the fire of the Doors live.

Australian Doors Tribute – an impeccable line-up – made up of some of Melbourne’s best and well-loved musicians with a long history of performing around Australia. and internationally. Thanks to the performances like the ones by Australian Doors Tribute, it is still possible to experience the thrill of Morrison and The Doors. Douglas and his fellow bandmates bring to life songs such as Riders on the Storm, Light my Fire, and Roadhouse Blues conjuring a portal for us to travel back in time and immerse ourselves in authentic renditions of these legendary songs.

Those fans that have long been energised by the psychedelic journey that is The Doors, will be enthralled by Australian Doors Tribute’s passionate and faithful portrayal of The Doors’ songs and their legendary legacy.