The Australian Border Force is looking for puppy foster carers in Geelong

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The Australian Border Force is looking for puppy foster carers in Geelong

Credit: Australian Border Force

Australian Border Force (ABF) is searching for foster carers to provide homes for some of their newest- and cutest- recruits.

The ABF Detector Dog Program (DDP) is calling on communities in the Melbourne and Greater Geelong area to help protect the borders by fostering their cuddly future heroes.

Since 1969, Australian Border Force (ABF) detector dogs have played an important role in protecting Australia from prohibited imports and exports. The DDP has evolved significantly since its inception and is continually striving to improve its breeding, development, training and deployment methods.

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The Detector Dog Program has a network of over 200 volunteer foster carers who are integral to the development of future detector dogs. Pups are fostered out to safe and loving homes from nine weeks of age while foster carers enjoy the rewarding experience of raising a pup, providing them with social and environmental experiences which grow their confidence and independence in preparation to become working dogs.

Now, volunteers are being sought in Melbourne and Geelong to welcome a puppy into their home for 12 months while it’s assessed for suitability to become a detector dog.

“The ABF is searching for foster carers in Melbourne and Geelong to help raise our puppies until they are old enough to start their training,” Australian Border Force shared on socials this month.”

All costs associated with caring for the pup, including food, veterinary needs and equipment will be covered by the ABF.

In return, foster carers must provide a safe and caring home for the pup, get them used to the sights, sounds and smells of their urban or suburban areas, and provide exercise and opportunities for the pup to socialise with people and animals.

Unlike most pets these days, pups are raised as outside dogs and are not required to be with the foster carer for extended periods of time throughout the day.

Other prerequisites, besides living in metro Melbourne or greater Geelong, include having a safe and secure yard (size suitability to be assessed upon application), having a car to transport the pup and being available to visit the facility up to 3 times during the pup’s development for individual and group development sessions. Foster carers must also be able to walk the pup at least once a day, and socialise the puppy by going out 2 or 3 times each week to various places, such as local schools, playgrounds and shopping centres.

The ABF welcomes individuals and families from all backgrounds with various personal and employment responsibilities including full time and shift work. Foster carers can also have other pets (suitability to be assessed upon application).

Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

You can find out more and fill out an application form here