The Attention Seekers

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The Attention Seekers

Hi, thanks for chatting with Forte! Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your music?
Tom: Thanks for having us. We are The Attention Seekers and the way we see our music is Hyperactive Garage-pop. I think the average time per song is sitting at about three minutes, which is far too long in my opinion, but it is a team effort. You better be telling a damn good story if you want to take five minutes getting to the closing act.

Describe your debut EP ‘Itchy’.
Tom: Itchy has got a bit of everything, like a Cambodian 7-Eleven. It covers the rock standards of broken hearts and anxiety, to a bit more of the modern reality of ice addiction and hipsters hipping to the fantasy of killing a couple of people. It won’t please everyone, but there will be something that you can get down too.

The video for “Disco Biscuit Tip-Rat Dropkick” (the first single off our debut EP ‘Itchy’) sees you guys loosely referencing Australian children music group the wiggles – what’s the story behind that one?
Tom: I don’t know where I came up with it but once I had the idea I was obsessed with doing it. I absolutely loved the Wiggles as a kid, I would still know most of their songs now. They are Australian icons that have stood the test of time. Everyone knows ‘Rock-a-bye your bear’, no-one asks about Humphrey B. Bear – he didn’t have it, didn’t even speak. The Wiggles did and they live on.

Tell us about your band name, is it a reflection on yourselves?

Tom: It has been said in the past it is an appropriate band name.

About to embark on your EP tour – anything you’re looking forward to most?
Dan: We are looking forward mostly at the moment to our upcoming show in Sydney, this being our first National show and also sharing the bill the a band called East Coast Swag, previous to the show we didnt know them and they have offered up there houses, provided us with gear, lifts from the airport. Just looking forward to meeting them and sharing a stage with them.

Where can we find it / See you play?
Dan: Our new EP came out as of the 29th of May. You can pick up a hard copy off of us at any time. Just get in contact, but its streaming on iTunes and Spotify and Bandcamp!

Check out their video here.