The Art Project Re-Imagining our city

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The Art Project Re-Imagining our city

The experimental art project from Merinda Kelly is the newest way to explore Geelong in alternative ways. The work will focus on developing a presence in the City which disrupts the notion of the CBD as a place of monetary exchange and consumption.

Merinda’s works all currently focuses on rekindling social connection, public engagement and the exploration of creative ideas, which is where this project comes in.

Participants are invited to join in as creative practitioners respond to a series of experiential episodes which challenge traditional forms of public art practice.

This aims to provoke participants to respond creatively to notions surrounding Geelong’s urban future and the changes occurring in the rapidly ‘de-industrialising City of Geelong’.

The great thing about this project is you don’t need to be an artist to participate. However they do say an open and creative mindset would be a handy attribute.

The project is based in a vacant shop at the corner of James Street and Little Malop Street.

See it December 5 – 9 from 10am to 4pm.

You can also follow the project on Instagram @re_treadproject or visit the website.