The Aristocrats prove precision on all fronts in new Live Album ‘FREEZE! Live In Europe 2020’

The Aristocrats prove precision on all fronts in new Live Album ‘FREEZE! Live In Europe 2020’

Words by Alex Lynch

The album features performances from across Spain in February 2020, just before live music went on extended hiatus.

Be prepared for some artistic magic as The Aristocrats release their latest album – FREEZE! Live in Europe 2020, an accumulation of seriously intense and precise skillsets that will have your ears begging for much more!

The supergroup of three will blast more than jump music deep down into your soul, they will send an understanding and intelligence of their respective instruments that is not easy to find in this day and age.

Playing to a live audience as an album can be no easy task, as it is easy for the audio to be subpar and mistakes to be made, however, no mistakes can easily be heard – only talented hard-working musicians. To soul shredding guitar solos and an epically long and impossible drum solo dedicated to one of the late and great drummers and slick and sexy bass lines FREEZE! Will have you on your feet, out of your mind and stuck in the groove that is The Aristocrats.

It is clear as a bell that The Aristocrats are at the top of their game, showcasing right from the start a skillset beyond most, producing catchy and addictive guitar that will leave you craving more. They may be a rock supergroup, but they are not limited to such distinctions, as I can easily sense classical/funk/soul/blues/jazz influences. Harmonically beautiful. Melodically intense. Pure ear bliss.

There is never nothing going on, the energy The Aristocrats output is something to behold, almost beyond understanding. Precision on all fronts, and for a live album, that is beauty. From mellow to intense, from harmonious to erratic – it does not matter, it is all masterful work we would be so privileged to hear.

For those on the edge of deciding whether to listen to The Aristocrats, this will be the decider, it will put such a decision to rest, you will want to hear more – you will need to hear more.

FREEZE! Live in Europe 2020 is out May 7. Pre-order here.