The Amity Affliction

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The Amity Affliction

“It’s been so long on the road and I’m glad to be back home,” Ahren Stringer reflects on landing back in sunny Australia after a hectic schedule of touring – the most recent of which was a long stint in Europe and the UK. “It was awesome. It was our second headline tour so it was really rewarding and the crowds were huge – pretty much every show sold out. It was just rad to be able to see how we’ve gone over there,” he says.
Not wanting to be stuck to the confines of their tour bus or the venues they performed at, the band took full advantage of their foreign surroundings. “We kind of got up early every morning when the bus stopped and ventured into whatever city we were in,” says Ahren.
“We went to heaps of places I hadn’t been to before, like Prague, Poland and Denmark and stuff like that, so it was good to see some new places.
“Prague was definitely up there. Joel [Birch, vocals] and I love a good gamble. There were heaps of casinos and we just walked around and went into different casinos all day. It was really fun, but we didn’t really know what we were betting because everything is in Czech Crown, so we were completely confused by the currency – 100 Euro was like 10,000 Czech Crown, or something like that, but it was fun.”
Given that the band are all good mates, spending so much time in the confines of the tour bus and being in the “depths of cabin fever” – as Ahren puts it – occurred without any repercussions. The only bad thing that could be sad to have come from the tour is a few dollars lost at the casino. It’s great to experience a basically flawless tour, as the band had a tough slog in 2013.
When touring with the Architects for the Vans Warped Tour in the US, the band faced a “series of unfortunate events” when lead singer Joel Birch was hospitalised and drummer Ryan Burt had to be replaced after cutting his eye open with his drumstick. Though as Ahren puts it: “We got through it”.
Luckily it hasn’t been something the band have had to face since, and tours following have been a lot less stressful for the four-piece band. “This time went perfectly, there were no mishaps or hospitalisations – it was very smooth sailing. I think we copped it all at once and we’ve got good karma from now on,” he says.
Just as the guys get comfortable back at home, enjoying Christmas and New Year’s Eve with family and friends, they’ll quickly get back on the road in the New Year to tour Australia in their The Weigh Downunder Tour. This time around the band is taken further from the capitals – and Geelong just so happens to make the list.
“We haven’t been out on a regional tour for a while, so it’s kind of about time we give back to the fans who can’t make it to the capital city shows,” Ahren says.
“But it’ll be lots of fun to kind of go back to the roots of touring and doing some smaller venues and stuff. So we’re definitely looking forward to it.”
Amidst touring, recording and everything that comes with being in a much-loved metalcore/hardcore band, Ahren somehow finds time to run a clothing brand, One Love Apparel, with JJ from Deez Nuts as well as appearing in songs by friends, the most recent ‘Champagne Breakfast’ by Lady KC.
Rapping from a bathtub surrounded by rubber duckies might be a bit of a change for Ahren, but with a laugh he simply brushes it off as a bit of fun with friends, not a possible career pursuit.
“Whenever I’m in New York Deez Nuts come and stay and we always get creative when we’re pissed and make our rap songs. It’s all just a bit of fun,” Ahren says.
Talking with Ahren and hearing Deez Nuts come up numerous times, the relationship with the band is unquestionable and, as they’ll be supporting The Amity Affliction in their Australian tour, we’ll get to see the relationship first hand at the Geelong show.
Also expected from the tour is the chance to hear tracks from their fourth studio album, Let The Ocean Take Me (June 2014), played live. The bands rise to fame has been a quick one, and singles ‘Pittsburgh’ and ‘Don’t Lean On Me’ peaked inside the top 40 of the Aria Charts.
As soon as they add a second show, it almost sells out just as quick as the first and they truly are one of those bands that will become harder and harder to get tickets to see.
Someone who may be lucky to get some tickets, and who the Amity Affliction are yet to meet, is our mayor Darryn Lyons. “Maybe we’ll give him some free tickets to come along,” Ahren says with a smile.
When & Where: The Wool Exchange, Geelong – January 9 & 11
By Amanda Sherring