The 18th Amendment Bar is reopening next week

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The 18th Amendment Bar is reopening next week

Have you been missing the electric vibe of a night out on the town and the sip of an expertly-crafted cocktail?

We feel you… but we have some good news.

Following the pandemic putting their businesses on hold for some time in line with the strict Government social-distancing requirements to help flatten the coronavirus curve, Geelong’s famed 1920s Prohibition-style cocktail bar The 18th Amendment have just revealed they’ll be opening up their speakeasy doors next Friday.

The bar revealed in a recent Facebook post that they’ve been unsure if they were allowed to operate following the recent easing of restrictions that allowed restaurants, cafes and other hospitality businesses to resume dine-in services with up to 20 seated patrons per enclosed space.

With the bar receiving confirmation they can indeed operate, the team will be back on the shakers from next Friday when they will be reopening for a maximum of 20 people at a time, with four seating set for each evening.

The events for these sessions have been posted to Facebook, and tickets will be sold via Eventbrite for $50 each which includes $20 towards a food platter and $30 towards drinks for the evening.

From 11.59pm on 21 June this will increase to 50 patrons per enclosed space, while a further increase of up to 100 patrons per enclosed space is planned for the second half of July, subject to the advice of the Chief Health Officer.

For the uninitiated, 18th Amendment Bar is a venture by Gorge Camorra that draws inspiration from the speakeasy movement from the 1920s and 30s, specifically named after the amendment of the United States Constitution that effectively started the prohibition of alcohol.

From unusual ingredients, including Camorra’s own range of liqueurs, to the hundreds of spirits behind the bar and the house-concocted barrel aged cocktails, 18th Amendment has been a unique addition to the Geelong bar scene since opening three years ago. The speakeasy has since celebrated cocktail culture while educating the consumer, presenting the classics with a contemporary twist.

We can’t wait to indulge in some ‘giggle water’, ‘make some whoopee’ and try not to get too ‘zozzled’ – key word here is try.

Keep an eye on their Facebook for further details.