The 18th Amendment Bar have revealed their famous ‘Jitterbug’ cocktail recipe

The 18th Amendment Bar have revealed their famous ‘Jitterbug’ cocktail recipe

Level up your iso weekend with this delicious cocktail

While doing our part to flatten the COVID-19 curve during this second wave means we can’t go out and sip an expertly-crafted cocktail, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy one from home thanks to Geelong’s famed 1920s Prohibition-style cocktail bar, The 18th Amendment.

Founded by Australian hospitality veteran, Gorge Camorra, 18th Amendment Bar draws inspiration from the speakeasy movement from the 1920s and 30s, specifically named after the amendment of the United States Constitution that effectively started the prohibition of alcohol.

From unusual ingredients, including Camorra’s own range of liqueurs, to the hundreds of spirits behind the bar and the house-concocted barrel aged cocktails, 18th Amendment has been a unique addition to the Geelong bar scene since opening three years ago. The speakeasy has since celebrated cocktail culture while educating the consumer, presenting the classics with a contemporary twist.

Due to the pandemic putting their business on hold for the time being (for the second time), we’ve teamed up with the fabulous team at The 18th Amendment Bar to exclusively share the recipe for their famous ‘Jitterbug’ cocktail for anyone who is missing the sip of an expertly-crafted cocktail.

A great one for spring, this recipe is perfect for when the craving for cocktails kicks in (which is about as often as we’re breathing).

Follow this step by step recipe, and you’ll be creating cocktails like their talented bartenders in no time.

Jitterbug Ingredients
30ml Gin (we recommend Hendricks Gin, but this cocktail is versatile and anything will work)
30ml Camorra Fairy Floss Liqueur (can substitute with Chambord)
30ml Lime Juice (fresh Squeezed)
10ml Sugar Syrup
2 Slices Cucumber
6 Mint Leaves.

1. Add Cucumber to your shaker and muddle. (at home, the end of a rolling pin works really well!)
2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the shaker.
3. Add ice
4. Close the shaker and shake hard for atleast 10 seconds, or when the shaker starts to frost over on the outside.
5. Open the shaker and double strain into a stemmed cocktail glass
6. Garnish with a Cucumber Ribbon
7. Enjoy

Throughout the entire pandemic, the bar’s pioneer Gorge Camorra has been keeping us entertained with his YouTube channel ‘Let’s Talk Drinks’, which regularly features spirit reviews, cocktail making tutorials, bartending tips, and a few videos of Gorge just being Gorge!

The video below shows the Classic Cocktail (Southside) that the Jitterbug drink was modelled after, and then shows how to make it if you’re more of a visual learner (alongside two other quick variants!)

Chill your classes, get those cocktail juices flowing and make sure you subscribe to Let’s Talk Drinks to support this local legend.