Tex Perkins is Coming to Geelong

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Tex Perkins is Coming to Geelong

He is one of the coolest of the cool and he is on his way to Geelong in a few weeks. Tex Perkins has been around for a long time, and keeping track of just where he is at or what he is doing is not the easiest of tasks.

Just look at his many, many bands and his solo material, not to mention his turn as Johnny Cash. One project is Cookin’ on 3 Burners, a hard-­hitting, Hammond Organ-­driven trio that combines the powers of deep funk, raw soul, organ jazz and boogaloo. Blind Bet is their latest album, which has been described as “classic soul sounds with a modern cinematic twist”.

I can tell you what he will be doing on April 17, however, and that is performing at Workers Club in Geelong with Charlie Owen.