TesseracT: Sonder Australia Tour

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TesseracT: Sonder Australia Tour

Starting off the night was Melbourne prog-metal act Circles. Delivering a set of hard prog riffs and heavy bass-lines it was obvious that the crowd loved it. Doing exactly what they should as a support act Circles played as if it was their headliner show, commandeering the stage and getting the crowd extremely up and about in the lead-up to TesseracT.
Opening with ‘Luminary,’ the title track off their 2018 album ‘Sonder’, it quickly became clear why TesseracT hold such a revered reputation for their live show. Seamlessly ebbing and flowing from melodic, sinister build-ups to sheer heavy riffs it was evident how much thought and execution had gone into their live show.
Ushering in older songs such as ‘Concealing Fate, Part 2- Deception,’ and leading straight into ‘Concealing Fate, Part 3- The Impossible,’ set the crowd off, and also began the start of a very interesting and dynamic setlist.
Whilst it was extremely welcomed and performed impeccably, TesseracT’s set list was primarily older songs. Again, I’m certainly not complaining, but with it being the ‘Sonder’ album tour I was very surprised at the scarce amount of new songs that were showcased.
After opening with a new track, ‘Smile’ was the next to find it’s way into the setlist towards the end of the show, as was ‘King.’ Meaning that over a 14 songs setlist, only three new songs where actually performed.
As previously stated, I’m not complaining… I just found it odd. BUT, each and every song on their set was performed so exceptionally that it seemed fans where in a state of nirvana, not thinking twice about what songs where being played and instead standing in awe of the professionalism on display in front of them.
Concluding their set with ‘Acceptance,’ Part 1 of the six-part ‘Concealing Fate’ saga found on their debut album was an impressive end to the night. At times I felt as if I was seeing a shoegaze act just due to the sheer wall of sound hitting me, but damn it was good.
As a live act, TesseracT, were unfaultable. Regardless of your taste in music I would recommend seeing TesseracT next time they are out because they truly are an elite live show.
When: Friday, September 14
Where: 170 Russell, Melbourne
Reviewed by Alex Callan
Photos by William Adam Russ