Tempus Sun: Tempus Sun

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Tempus Sun: Tempus Sun

Melbourne-based up and comers Tempus Sun have hit the ground running with the recent release of their self-titled EP. After several listens through, it’s hard to believe that this is the production of a group that are barely one year of age.

It is executed with a level of poise, maturity and coherency that is usually only seen in groups that have spent a significant amount of time working alongside one and other. Comprising of six members, the band follows an ‘Of Monsters and Men’ dual vocalist element, where singers Andrew Wortes and Rya Park work to complement each other beautifully.

The release sees the track-list open with ‘Gold’, followed by ‘Crash’, ‘Owls’, ‘Coming Home’ and finally closes with ‘Dragon’. Much like the track, the entirety of the EP really does feel a lot like ‘coming home’ to me. Not necessarily to a physical place, but perhaps to a person, or a memory.

A deeply emotional track-list, that boasts slivers of hope, happiness, love, friendship and youth, Tempus Sun go beyond the usual boundaries of pop with this one, incorporating and exploring indie and rock inspired notes.

This is the kind of versatile track-list that you can spend time connecting to and reflecting upon your emotions, but also pop on as you’re coming into a night of drinks with friends and completely bliss out to.

Reviewed by Helena Metzke