Taylor Henderson: A New Album, Acoustic Tour & Nan’s Approval

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Taylor Henderson: A New Album, Acoustic Tour & Nan’s Approval

“When I finished recording it, I took it around to my nan and she loved it. She’s always been my biggest fan and to have her tick of approval means we are doing something right.” Taylor Henderson speaks about one of the biggest critics of his new album to be released in the near future. Although tight lipped, Henderson speaks avidly about what he is about to release to the world.

Since wooing us with his sultry unique style in X Factor 2013, it’s been a busy time for Taylor Henderson, who has gone onto big things with the release of both his self titled and Burnt Letters releases. Now everyone is getting hyped for what is to come to next.

Following on from the success of X Factor, Henderson explains it’s hard to get rid of the stigma that follows from those shows. “Sometimes you go on those shows and get exposure, but people don’t necessarily know what’s going on afterwards. I’m glad I’ve been able to showcase my music to the world with one original album, and I am very excited to be able to show off the new stuff on this tour. It’s going to be really great.”

Having worked with some of the elite songwriters in the world including Jon Hume from Evermore, Henderson has created an album able to stand up on it’s own merit and having the ability to work with Hume was an experience Henderson is incredibly grateful of. “Man, you know I’ve recorded all around the world with this album, yet working with Jon locally, in a way was better than all of that. He has an incredible ear for production and you can really hear how he has brought out the best in these songs.”

Over the next few weeks, Henderson is hitting the road and it’s during this time you will be able to pre order the upcoming new album. Kicking off September 21, the tour will hit both regional and metro centres around Australia. “This album is the biggest thing I have done and you can expect to see some big surprises out on the road. I’m looking at filming a lot of it and documenting it as things happen. I’m a Geelong boy and to play regional centres is great. Sometimes they don’t get much music, so everyone is really hyped when we come into town to play. See you out there on the road!”

Written by Tex Miller

When & Where: Bendigo Bank Theatre – September 22 & GPAC, Geelong – September 23