TasmanAi: These Tasmanian artists will create whatever you want and send it to you for free

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TasmanAi: These Tasmanian artists will create whatever you want and send it to you for free


We're all having so much fun with AI art, aren't we?

Show us the late Queen Elizabeth being attacked by a flock of seagulls. Show us the most Swedish-looking meal. Show us Spongebob at the JFK assassination. Ha, we laugh. Technology!

I’ll admit, it’s pretty impressive. But you know what else is impressive? Real human artists.

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With this idea in mind, Tourism Tasmania has assembled a team of artists to prove that anything robots can do, people can also do (kind of).

Their new image generator, TasmanAI, allows users to submit a prompt – anything imaginable – and a team of painters, collagers, digital creators, sketchers and ceramicists will select their favourites and bring them to life. If your prompt is chosen, you will receive the original art piece in the mail for free.

Users from across Australia can submit prompts until March 4, and the artists involved in the project include Alan Young, Caleb Nichols-Mansell, Christopher Downes, Eloise Lark, Jamin, Josh Foley, Sam Lyne, Steffi Koppelwell and Wayne Looyen.

“Tasmania itself breeds creativity. It’s the artists themselves that keep making it – it’s simply the Tasmanian way of life. As soon as I moved to Tasmania, I knew it, I could feel it in the air, in the space, in the quiet, in the characters, your senses feel more alive here. Tasmanians live and breathe it,” says actress, producer and Archipelago Productions founder Marta Dusseldorp.

“The TasmanAi generator gives us a platform to showcase this authenticity and creativity ingrained in our being to the rest of the nation.”

With the second-highest number of artists per capita in Australia, Tasmania has become a hot spot for culture over the past decade. Sarah Clarke, the CEO of Tourism Tasmania, says the project highlights the spirit of the island state.

“With TasmanAi, we are showing the world that instant isn’t always better, there is joy in slowing down, taking time to think and celebrating craftsmanship – which is intrinsic to the Tasmanian way of life.”

To submit your prompt and find out more, head here.