Szymon: Tigersapp

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Szymon: Tigersapp

Light, hopeful and dreamlike are the first words that come to mind as ‘Golden’ begins. A distinct sound that’s set to be mimicked by anyone who’s wise on making it in the industry. The main shame comes with the knowledge that the musician can no longer evolve his style, as unfortunately Szymon Borzestowski’s life had a sudden end. Music was his main love, his method of living and it showed through in each guitar strum, synth addition and quaking vocals.
The biggest joy comes with the knowledge that his family and friends wanted the world to hear what gave him so much happiness by releasing his music. ‘Medusa’ is an edgy track that sees a different tone in vocals coming from Szymon. Things are sped up, to the point where you’re constantly chasing after it to keep up.
‘Katyusha’ shows Szymon’s versatility through a rather edgy, electronic, instrumental number. It strikes a fine balance between being a dance track and a melodic number.
A highlight for me is ‘Runaway’, but it’s hard to say why. If I were to pick out some words from the dictionary (which still don’t aptly do the song justice) they’d be; electric, silver-tongued, teasing, distorted… you get the drift.
While there won’t be a follow up, this is one album you need to own. Simply to cherish the legacy he has left behind, and the hope in what could have been.
Out Via Eloper Music
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot