Sydney’s genre-defying trio Rhode Eyes unveil debut self-titled album

Sydney’s genre-defying trio Rhode Eyes unveil debut self-titled album

Words by John 'Dr John' Lamp

Born during lockdown.

This is the debut album from Rhode Eyes.

John Bracks, Tony Chubb and Damian Leonard are Rhode Eyes. They’ve been playing together since the early 90s, and have played and toured with other artists, but still kept coming back to this trio of friends.

Like many groups, Rhode Eyes have put their time in COVID-19 lockdown to work on an album, in this case their self-titled full-length album.

Are they Roots? Blues? Country? Folk? Americana? Rhode Eyes are a little bit of all these things, beautifully melded into a distinctive sound that is theirs alone.

I know that one of the first tracks played immediately had me thinking of the acoustic harmonies of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, but as they say, a little extra country was thrown in. Just have a listen to ‘Caught Me Again’.

I know it had me looking around for one of the CSNY tracks, but don’t expect to find any covers on this album, this is all new material and all well worth listening to.

They have certainly put their time to good use. This is a very well-crafted release.

The album had a launch at The Gasoline Pony in Marrickville, but Rhode Eyes hasn’t toured it to other states yet, maybe we’ll be on the list.

Rhode Eyes is out now.