Sydney's Airports has released the perfect track for your Friday

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Sydney's Airports has released the perfect track for your Friday

Multi-talented electronic singer songwriter and producer AIRPORTS (real name Aaron Lee) unveiled his wavy new 2000’s R&B inspired party jam ‘Single Together’ late last month.
This track comes following the release of his previous singles ‘Limbo’ and ‘Speak My Mind’ along with a whirlwind 12-months that has seen AIRPORTS perform at Festival One in New Zealand, produce tracks for the likes of Sammi Constantine, Holly Alison, Savilian and various major artists. We chat to the artist below about all things music!
Hey thanks for chatting to Forte! How are you and what have you been up to recently?
Thank you guys. I’ve been on a roll with writing my new music, making music for other artists and simultaneously dreaming about living in the 80’s.
Congrats on the release of ‘Single Together’ – the wavy new 2000’s R&B inspired party jam. Can you talk us through the creation of the track? What inspired it and how did you go about writing it?
Thank you! So I wanted to make something that different from most other pop music I’m hearing. I also wanted to make something that is pure fun and captures that 2000’s party hit feeling. I was going through some beats with producer Hamley in Melbourne, after he showed me heaps of his beat catalog I was like “what have you been reluctant to show me?” and then I heard that opening synth line.. We switched the original beat up, I wrote some hooks, took it home, finished the production and vocals and here we have it… “Single Together”.

Who are some artists you draw influence from in creating your sound?
There’s too many and it depends on the song I’m working on. But right now I’m really taking a step back into nostalgia land, especially a mix of the 80’s & 2000’s Rnb.
You’ve had a busy 12 months, performing at Festival One in New Zealand and producing tracks for the likes of Sammi Constantine, Holly Alison, Savilian and various major artists. Are you more focused on producing or creating your own music; which do you feel most at home doing?
It’s a juggle that’s for sure, but I’m really learning to prioritise my own music which is my #1 passion. However I love producing for other artists and helping bring out their vision too! It also is a great mental break from my own work.
How did you first get into music?
I grew up around it – my dad is a singer and musician. Then I was in bands during high school, then learned to DJ and produce, sing and rap. I always knew music was meant to be my career because its 200% my passion & freedom.
You’ve also performed alongside nationally recognised artists such as Allday, Cosmo’s Midnight, Thundamentals and Kuren, is there anything of note that you have taken away from those experiences?
To keep creating, keep building, and be true to your own art and vision.
More on that, is there anyone you’d really like to share a stage with at this time in your career?
Twenty One Pilots. Their live show is my favourite and I’m super inspired by how they relate to their fans.
You’re also an avid voice for personal development and ambassador for the mental health organisation Listen Up Music which is super inspiring. What importance do you see mental health support having in the music industry? Does this passion come from personal experience?
Yeah definitely, us creatives have a heightened ability to feel emotions and a lot of us have un-dealt-with chips on our shoulders – thats why art is our catharsis. Expression keeps us sane and alive. Without that heightened sensitivity we wouldn’t create our art – the art that helps listeners with similar situations feel understood and sane too. Often, with these kinds of personalities and the pressures of this business it is SO easy to fall victim to mental meltdowns, without the right help and support. This is one of the most important if not the most important conversations we can have in the music industry… mental health effects the whole creative’s business.
Organisations like Listen Up Music and Support Act are doing such an important job.
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