Sydney indie-rockers CREO divulge how to bide your time amidst Iso life

Sydney indie-rockers CREO divulge how to bide your time amidst Iso life

The hype is real for Sydney trio CREO.

Following on from their critically praised EP ‘In The Red’, these alternative-rockers have just delivered an anthemic slice of rock with their new single ‘Juliet’, flexing their songwriting muscles more than ever as they reflect on the state of the current nightlife and vibe of Sydney.

With nods to the likes of Foals, Everything Everything and Kasabian, the track is four minutes of experimental flare, championed by intricate guitar melodies, endearing vocals, deft percussion and incredibly tight musicianship, and we’re all about it.

To celebrate the release, frontman Jorjee Haman lays out his top five things to do while in isolation.

Create…. Anything.
We’ve been doing a shit tonne of music writing and not necessarily for CREO – but just in general. Something about creating something is so fulfilling. Turning an idea into a feasible thing you can hold, see, hear, feel, taste! You made that shit! Get around to writing that film script, or building that coffee table, or painting that portrait of your cat.

Unleash your inner gamer.
I’ve never been one to be heavy into gaming or gaming consoles because I’ve always felt guilty I’m not creating or working on music when I could/should be. Shit mindset, not just because it’s not the best way to think – but playing games is fucking sick! I’ve had a bit of catching up to do but I’ve smashed out the latest God of War, the Red Dead series and being a football fanatic I’ve been dabbling in a bit of FIFA too.

Dust up on your culinary skills.
I love food and I’ve always loved to cook – but this time at home has allowed me to try to cook things that I don’t usually have the time to do! My slow cooking game has gone up a level. I’ve been doing a bunch of bread baking and pasta making. If the TV is on, it’s on the food channels. Gonna have to throw a bit of a “Jorjee Cooked today” diary up on our socials. If music doesn’t work out…

Awaken the gardener in you.
In the midst of all this I thought I’d take the time to invest in a small herb garden. Seeing as I was going to be doing a lot of cooking, growing my own herbs seemed a logical thing to do. Well, fast forward a few weeks and I’m fucking obsessed. I don’t have any pets, but I got herbs and I tell you, they know who the ‘good boi’ is. I check on them every day like a true papou (grandfather in Greek), making sure they have got the right amount of sun and water – so they got the best chance at life. Saved me a bit of cash too.

Have intense, heated band phone/zoom chats.
Yeah, we haven’t been able to rehearse or see each other all that much, which has been difficult in the middle of a release and all, but we’ve been trying to keep some routine with a weekly call or zoom. Usually goes like this – starts off nice, disagreement ensues (usually between Carlos and myself), turns into a bit of a slagging session, apologise and find the middle ground, rinse and repeat. Survivor series is over, so I’ve got no real drama in my life and this will have to do.

Check out the single below.

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