SWHAT, You Say

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SWHAT, You Say

Another night at Ballarat’s Karova will feature a local flavour with SWHAT fronting up on August 30. Drawing on musical influences such as Bad Brains and Hot Snakes, SWHAT takes great pride in their aggressive rock-infused punk. Towards the end of last year the band released their debut album Down in Tango Zulu, and its sounds reached Hampshire, UK DIY zine issuepunkzine. They wrote: “This band sound wonderfully old school punk – I really can’t tell what a joy it is to be playing the songs for the umpteenth time. I am reminded just how rewarding it is to be a zine ed, when I get treated to experience such talent. One day they might come to the UK, I will do my level best to go to as many of their shows as is humanly possible.” * Note: SWHAT also plays The Bridge, Castlemaine on September 13.