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Like the dog on the tuckerbox and the big pineapple, on a localised level, The Sweethearts of Swing are a Geelong institution. Touring around the world since the eighties, chances are if you’re a local lady reading this, you probably have either participated or helped out with the Sweethearts at some point. Having just released their new EP Four Leaf Clover, Forte Magazine got the opportunity to sit down with the lead songwriter Jess Markovski to have a chat. As an alumni of Matthew Flinders finishing VCE last year, it’s been a busy day behind the keyboard for Markovski as she is working on recording a solo EP.

“I have been trying to do the solo singer-songwriter thing and at the moment I am working on putting together a demo of songs. I’m working with Mark Grey who produced Four Leaf Clover and we are slowly putting the touches on a solo CD. It’s great to have the resources that I do working with the Sweethearts. If I need a bit of bass guitar or electric, I have musicians that I can call on. It’s still great to be involved with the Sweethearts. We couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved with Four Leaf Clover.”

Over the past few years, the Sweethearts have taken their music to the world stage. For the most part, that was due to the hard work and dedication of the late legendary Ross Lipson. In the past few years, in addition to filming Heart and Soul their documentary series for the ABC, the band have also toured Europe and the US, of which Markovski was lucky enough to be apart of. “Having grown up around the house listening to Elvis Presley, the opportunity to go in and see for myself where he lived in Memphis, was quite a moment. I listen to him on a daily basis and he is one of the main inspirations for my songwriting.”

The EP itself took around two months to record. Recording in small sections due to the logistical challenge of recording a 30 piece band at once, having the opportunity to write songs for the band pushes the songwriting abilities for Markovski. “It’s interesting when I write for the band, it’s all about composing different parts and sections that will work together. I listen to a lot of different music that inspires the tunes that you hear on Four Leaf Clover.”

One of the most exciting things for the Sweethearts on this tour is that they are going to play in Adelaide for the first time ever. “Having played in the US and Europe has allowed us to take our music to broader audiences. We are really looking forward to being able to go and play in Adelaide. We’ve heard great things and it will be a real buzz to play there for the first time.”

With an interstate tour and a new disc, the Sweethearts are on the rise. “I think after this tour, we are going to focus on trying to get back to Europe and maybe the US again. I may be finishing up with the Sweethearts in the next 12 months, yet I am thankful for all the opportunities it has presented to me. Come out and hear the EP in the live set and grab a copy whilst your at it!”

Written by Tex Miller

When & Where: Geelong Racecourse – September 10
Tickets available at trybooking.com.au