Sweet Jean: Monday to Friday

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Sweet Jean: Monday to Friday

Created by Alice Keath and Sime Nugent, Sweet Jean, is a project that creates ambient, well-written songs to listen to no matter what your musical presence. It’s the kind of music that really needs to be appreciated for what it is, and that’s great musicality that strips things back to its core.

Alice’s vocals are light and airy, hitting beautiful notes in ‘Main Street’ in particular. The song reaches a climax and slowly builds with drums and guitar backing each level of intensity from her vocally. Unsurprisingly it’s a highlight on the release.

‘Slow’ is a particular favourite and marks a change in the album where things slow down considerably. The songs are emotive, tell a story and are the kind of songs you’d listen to with your eyes closed as you forget the world. One of the biggest highlights for me is simply appreciate the delicateness of Alice’s vocals and the perfect pairing when Simes comes in. ‘Main Street’, ‘Still Here’ and ‘BLANK’ harness that balance perfectly. This is the kind of release you listen to where you need to switch off. Close your eyes and press play.

Out via ABC Music/Universal
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh