Sweet Jean Lock in Regional Shows

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Sweet Jean Lock in Regional Shows

When the working week is done, Sweet Jean just wants to have fun. Formed in 2010 by Sime Nugent and Alice Keath, Sweet Jean’s music glides effortlessly from stark and gothic, to hazy and melodic.

The thing they do when they’re not doing the other things they do (Alice appeared on Paul Kelly’s Seven Sonnets & a Song, while Sime will release an album with The Wilson Pickers in late 2016), the duo released their debut album to much acclaim in 2013 and have followed it up with the recently released Monday to Friday.

From the duo: “For our first album we worked on happy/sad. This time we wanted to bring big/small to the table … A lot of the songs on Monday to Friday speak to the contrast between the vast and the minuscule, facts and feelings; growing up and realising how fallible our beliefs, memories, and aspirations are in a post-Santa reality, and where to look for that wonder we all seem to need once we realise we’re just monkeys wearing runners. We didn’t want to explain it as we’re no closer to knowing, but it was good to let ourselves hang out there for a while.”