Super Best Friends: Status Updates

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Super Best Friends: Status Updates

You might remember Super Best Friends from their song ‘Round and Round’, it featured all the politicians and was a massive hit back in the last election. Well, they have released their debut album and it is one brutal affair. We got our first taste of the album last year with the song ‘Out Tonight’ and that is just one of the highlights from this album. Huge drums and snarling vocals are at the front of the mix, which was captured by Tom Larkin who has produced the likes of Bodyjar and Closure in Moscow.
Having had a chat to Johnny Barrington, which you can read in this issue, you should go and see these guys when they come to town. They are top blokes playing real aussie punk rock n’ roll and there is no auto tune or electro beats here, just heavy rock n’ roll. Over the course of the 11 tracks, you’re able to submerse yourself in their quirky lyrics and thundering riffs. ‘ A Billionaire’s Club’ with the lyric ‘we want your brains’ is one of the most intriguing on this release.
Both political and thought provoking, Status Updates is something that you should hear. They are headed out on the road and this is one of my favourite local releases of the year, so take my advice, head out and see them live and buy the album. Then head bang around your lounge room until it hurts because the Status Updates debut album is awesome.
Out now via Gun Fever Records
Written by Tex Miller