Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir stage epic Melbourne club show this March

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Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir stage epic Melbourne club show this March

For a club experience guaranteed to take you to another plane of existence, let Sunshine & The Disco Faith Choir welcome you into the fold.

As the brainchild of Melbourne’s DJ Sunshine, the Disco Faith Choir exists to entertain, exists to bewilder and exists to blend genres in a wild fusion of gospel, house, techno and live vocals, provided by a 15 piece choir. A musical experience unlike any other, Sunshine and The Disco Faith Choir have been bringing cathartic nights of fun and chaos to rooms right around the country.

Having cut her teeth on Melbourne’s club circuit, winning sold out rooms of fans at the likes of Revolver, The Night Cat (where she laid down four consecutive nights of unbridled chaos) and The Prince of Wales, Sunshine has continued to flip the script when it comes taking her house and techno roots, and bringing more global influences into her sonic landscape. Where the Disco Faith Choir comes in, is in elevating the strong platform Sunshine has already laid down musically, and turning each show into a unique night for each audience involved. Check it out below.

Ahead of the show, we sat down with the adored Melbourne DJ and narrowed down some of their favourite tracks to perform on stage!

1. Here To Stay by Sunshine And Disco Faith Choir – Its such a great feeling performing the first original I did with Disco Faith Choir and hearing the crowd sing along.

2. Dreams (Acapella) by Fleetwood Mac – We love performing this over a a rocking techno track. The crowd go wild.

3. Gospel Medley by Various Artists – This is the most high energy track we do and its soooo much fun.

4. Old Landmark by The Djoon Experience – Definitely a crowd favourite. Gospel over techno creates such a great vibe.

5. Hold Your Head Up High (Acapella) by Boris Dlugosch – Its such a powerful vocal and one of the staples in our set.

6. Church Lady by Dennis Ferrer – Such a great vocal and a lot of fun to do live.

7. Be Sharp Say Nowt By Patrick Topping – Its always fun performing this banger.

8. Open Up by Filippo Moscatello – This vocal is fantastic and has a really positive vibe.

9. Keep Me Hangin On (Acapella) By The Supremes – This over techno goes bananas.

10. In The Shadows by The Lovebirds – Its always so much fun doing this song. It’s a Revolver anthem that turned into a Melbourne anthem and the crowd goes mental when they hear it.

The 15 piece choir is an absolute must see. Catch them at 170 Russell Sunday March 10th with Spacey, Orchestrated and Kids Table.