Sun God Replica: Grandular Fever

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Sun God Replica: Grandular Fever

Okay, let’s start of with awesome name – and that stands for the band and the release. This one’s not to be confused with glandula fever, which isn’t as fun as this album. Trust me on that one.

The release is heavy on guitar riffs, particularly in the opening of ‘Judgement Day’ and it pays a nod to rock of the 70/80s. The vocals are raw, rough and compliment the gritty edge to each guitar strum. The harmonising in ‘Celestial Building Block’ (while a humorous line in itself) adds to the homage and influence the band have obviously had. While the track stays relatively on the same level, it’s still a highlight for the sparse break outs that happen later towards the track. And hell, that guitar solo. Spot, fucking, on.

Despite the rhyming in ‘Rock and a Stone’ I can appreciate the sentiment in the song, singing “I don’t care if you don’t approve”. It’s the kind of track that’s so perfect in its imperfections and fuck you ‘tude. And to be honest, that should really be what music is all about. Saying something rather than worrying about what everyone thinks. Either way, this release is a guaranteed guitar riff-fest the kind your mum would hate if you played up loud.

Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot