Summer is coming, here are the top seven places to go skinny-dipping around Australia 

Summer is coming, here are the top seven places to go skinny-dipping around Australia 

Maslin Beach

After ranking the top skinny dipping locations across the globe, one study found that Australia is home to some of the best skinny dipping locations.

After one hell of a year for Australians, summer is coming and it’s coming in hot and fast.

Coming from the coast, we know there’s nothing better than a dip in open water to cool down or kickstart the day, but what about a cheeky skinny dip, where you cast aside your clothes for a day at the beach.

Swimming naked (or public nudity in general for that matter) is still taboo (and illegal) in some places, but in others, it’s becoming increasingly acceptable to loosen your buttons and shake off your inhibitions at beaches specially designated for those who wish to do so.

If you feel like bringing in summer with a skinny dip, or compiling your bucket list for when travel across states is allowed – some nude beaches might be better than others for your next naked swimming adventure.

To celebrate the impeding hot vax summer, the team at has been busy ranking the best skinny dipping spots in (nearly) every country (based on beach quality, safety, weather, and hotel cost) and turns out, Australia is open to seven of the best nude beaches in the world. Woo hoo!

So without further ado, here are the seven best spot in Australia for those who want to swim the way nature intended, without fear of judgment.

Maslin Beach, Adelaide

Just 40 minutes south of Adelaide CBD, you can find Australia’s first official nude beach and was ranked by My Dating Adviser as the third best spot in the world to get your gear off.

This is 3km long and is signposted for those who prefer to swim with their clothes on. There are rugged cliffs with a breathtaking view. It has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

Maslin Beach offers much more than a chance to skinny dip off of the Australian coast. One of the coast’s prettiest sites, ‘Maslin’s’ features a protected cove, high cliff-face and long expanse of sand. Here the water temperature sits at about 25°C while the safety index has this spot graded at 71.29/100, which is pretty good!

It is also home to the annual Nude Olympics, complete with a “Best Bum” competition.

If you are keen to try out this popular bathing spot but wish to remain clothed, the northern end of the beach is the place to be.


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Wanggoolba Creek, K’gari (previously Fraser Island)

K’gari, Australia is located off the southeast coast of beautiful state of Queensland and is over 120kms long. A place of outstanding, rugged beauty, K’gari is home to wild beaches, glistening freshwater lakes, a tangle of old forests and exotic wildlife that never fails to impress and leave one with a sense of ethereal wonder.

Winding through the rainforest on this small but beautiful island, Wanggobla Creek boasts white sands and clear, icy waters. It’s less famous than Eli Creek, so if you’re looking for somewhere a little less crowded then this will be right up your street.

It’s the perfect spot for a nude paddle-boarding session up the river, where you’ll come across abundant wildlife, and find plenty of sandy sections to take a break.


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Cronan Creek Falls, Mount Barney QLD

This is a three hour return hike through the bush in Queensland’s Scenic Rim. At the end of the trail you’ll walk inside a cave. Hoist yourself up through the gap in the rocks overhead and emerge at a gorge with water running through, an oasis in the bush. Strip down, swim and explore the waterfalls and streams.

The location came in at number 11 on the hottest 100 places around the world to nude swim, beating out swimming spots in the Caribbean, Brazil, Indonesia and Fiji, despite the act not being legal in the state of Queensland so you should use your discretion when taking a dip.


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Lady Bay Beach, New South Wales

Although it sometimes seems like just about any beach in Australia is clothing optional, there are a number of official nude beaches here such as Lady Bay (also known as Lady Jane Beach.)

South of the harbour, between South Head and Camp Cove, this tiny beach packs a mighty punch with spectacular views. Ideal for those who enjoy a quiet swim on a beach, cozzies are optional as this is a designated nude bathing area.

Unroll the beach towel on some sensational real estate, as you gaze out over one of the most scenic harbours in the world, across to Middle Head. Enjoy a refreshing dip before tucking into a delicious picnic lunch.

Tablelands, Queensland

Just south of Cairns, this area is home to stunning waterfalls, rivers and crater lakes. Slide down the slippery rocks or swing from the hanging vines into the cool water below. With so many bathing fantastic bathing spots to choose from, you’re sure to find a secluded pool to skinny dip if you’re so inclined.

Apparently, the go-to spot is known as the Barrel in the Upper Barron. Despite being fairly close to Ford Road, between Atherton and Mount Hypipamee, the stunning swimming spot on Poona Creek is hidden away and very private.

Karijini National Park, WA Pilbara region

This national park in Western Australia is full of hidden coves, waterfalls and water holes made all the more beautiful by the colourful rock and turquoise waters. You’ll find the nudist spot east of Pretty Pool – the area’s first official nudist beach, which was approved by the council in 2001. The clothing-optional beach is located one kilometre east of the Town of Port Hedland sign in the car park on Matheson Drive just past Cook Point.

Temperatures can exceed 40 degrees on a summer’s day, so a refreshing dip, with or without clothes, will feel all the more amazing

Cedar Creek Falls, Queensland

At this dreamy watering hole 45 minutes’ drive from Brisbane, the real world ceases to exist.

Hoist yourself up past the main busier waterfall and swimming hole and keep walking to find your own little spot to strip off completely and swim in the bare.

The clean air, fresh water, and rocky terrain are superb to let your hair down and just have some fun. Whether you’re here to relax or look for some adventure, Cedar Creek Falls is the place you should try.

You can check out the full study here