Submit. She Whispers

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Submit. She Whispers

One of the biggest events for the year for Courthouse Youth Arts. The CHYA Voicebox theatre project in collaboration with Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Co. is finally here.

Submit. She Whispers is a contemporary performance by young creatives encompassing art, drama and music.

Providing a platform for young and emerging artists to take creative risk and to conceive relevant and contemporary programming in a creative and inclusive environment, this project has come from a number of Courthouse Youth Arts theatre workshops.

With shows set for November 30 – December 3, attendees will see the possibilities when young people put their minds together in creating something. All elements from the set design, the script, the drama, the costumes and the sound have been worked on by young people.

Based on the modern day interactions from the artists real lives, the story explores the digital world and how easy it is to plug in, but also the opportunities that present themselves when you unplug from the digital world and actually connect and interact with the world.

The writing and the stories come directly from these young individuals, and touches on issues surrounding a sense of identity, fitting in and even anxiety that is felt in their own lives.

A digital detox with a difference, Submit. She Whispers tells a whole other story of how we got so lost.

Performances will run at the Courthouse Youth Arts Theatre space from Friday December 1 to Sunday December 3.

Tickets are $10 and are available via or call (03) 5224 2815. Booking are essential.