Study Photography at Deakin University

Study Photography at Deakin University

Are you addicted to documenting your life on Instagram stories? Do you spend hours editing a pic until its Insta-worthy? Do you have a professional camera and enjoy snapshotting the perfect moment? Whatever form your passion for photography may take, why not take things one step further by studying a Bachelor of Arts (Photography) at Deakin Uni! We spoke with Emmet, who’s in his second year of photography at Deakin, to check out his insights on the course. Emmet got into photography after attending an airshow when he was younger. “That was the start of it for me,” Emmet explains, “doing aviation photography. Then it just stuck with me and I saved up enough to buy my own camera. And from then on, I just loved photographing things.”

After trying a bachelor of Industrial Design at another university, Emmet decided to ‘chase his passion’ instead. Deakin has helped Emmet reach his full potential by providing him with practical learning opportunities like internships, study tours and access to industry-standard equipment. “There’s so much more in it that I didn’t even think about. We even cover dark-room practices, which is using analogue equipment.”

Emmet wouldn’t recommend anywhere else: he’s done the research, and decided to make the move to Geelong where he’d be given the best opportunity. “After doing my research at other universities, I absolutely would say to go to Deakin. It’s the best option for photography. I was talking to someone recently and the uni they went to for photography didn’t have the dark-room practices. It was mainly focused on marketing photography. So it was great hearing that Deakin offers a bigger variety of subjects for photography. It’s not just your usual modern photography.”

That’s what makes Deakin stand out for Emmet. A broader range of units means a broader range of opportunities after graduation. Emmet also loves the fact that there is room to explore other units. He’s been trying out creative writing units and other passions of his, which gives him the freedom to not only develop as a professional photographer, but as a person, along with ultimately boosting his career options for when he graduates.

So, what’s it like being a photography student at Deakin? We asked Emmet. “I’d say it’s a 50/50 split between hands-on and theory. Next semester I’m on campus two days a week, but sometimes it can be three or four. It just depends on the unit and your timetable. But usually you’ll have a lecture where you learn theory, and then you’ll go off and have a seminar. The seminars are hands-on. They’ll bring equipment in that we can try out and learn how to use. In one of my seminars, they brought in different gels that go over the camera lens to get different filter effects.”

Not only does Deakin provide the best content in their photography course, according to Emmet, but the Geelong Waterfront Campus is a prime spot to study. “There’s so much parking and so many shops around. Being close to the bay it’s just so relaxing and friendly. That’s what does it for me.”

Emmet has one more year to go at Deakin, and through his degree, a world of career opportunities have opened up. The two major pathways are “working for a photography company or starting your own business,” explains Emmet. The Deakin staff help tremendously with career opportunities, which is another reason why Emmet says Deakin’s course stands out. “One of the lecturers we had last semester was really good. He was really pushing everyone to try out different things and get yourself out there. They’re always inspiring and ready to help.”

If you’re thinking of turning your love of photography into a flourishing career, Emmet has some advice for you: “Definitely go to Deakin. I 100 percent recommend Deakin and nowhere else.”

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Written by Naseem Radmehr