Travellin’ Still: The Music Of Slim Dusty.

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Travellin’ Still: The Music Of Slim Dusty.

Credit: Ivan Kemp

The Songs of Slim Dusty with Slim’s Touring Band feat. Pete Denahy


When Slim Dusty’s Travelling Country Band played their last full show with Slim in 2002, the band members all went their separate ways.


Fast-forward to 2016, at the Slim Dusty Music Festival in Kempsey, NSW, they found themselves on-stage together for the first time in years. And it felt like only yesterday as the old songs, friendships and memories came flooding back. One comment from an audience member, “This show has to go on the road! got them all thinking, why not? There aren’t many bands around where all the members were part of the Slim Dusty Show!