Sticky Fingers: Land of Pleasure

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Sticky Fingers: Land of Pleasure

With a title like Land of Pleasure, you’d expect the sophomore release from Sticky Fingers to be nothing less than 12 tracks of pure baby-making bliss. And as soon as the reggae skank beat of ‘Land of Pleasure’ drops, you know that’s exactly what it is.
Following up from a successful debut release can be a bit hard, but with a few Sticky Fingers classics thrown in – ‘Land of Pleasure’, ‘Dreamland’ and ‘Razerhead’ – there’s a few tracks to keep the die-hard fans happy. However, this time around the band has used synth more, which is distinct throughout most of their tracks, most notably in ‘Feast Your Eyes’. They’ve even touched on ’90s rave with their track ‘Just For You’, though they’ve made it work by centring it around a pretty amazing riff. Throw in a few of the album must haves, including the summer-kissed track ‘Gold Snafu’ that makes you dream of jumping from your house into the pool, as well as the “ballad” ‘Liquorlip Loaded Gun’, and you’ve got yourself some guaranteed sales.
But it’s where things are slowed down they stay true to their style, and when Dylan Frost’s vocals come to the forefront the tracks really shine. ‘Rum Rage’ is this track, and though a bit on the slower side has you wishing the boys were performing it just for you.
Hands down Land of Pleasure is worthy to follow on from their flawless debut release, and we can’t wait for the next release of the boys’ sweet tunes.
Written by Amanda Sherring