Steve Smyth

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Steve Smyth

Steve Smyth is one of the most unique and interesting talents currently touring the country. His amazing vocal range sees him transition seamlessly from growling Tom Waits-like vocals to beautiful and melodic tones reminiscent of the late Jeff Buckley – all of which is present in all its glory on his latest record, Exits.
“I think what’s coming next is a little bit of the same, in the sense that there is a high contrast between two elements of quiet raw and nasty tunes to quiet tender and careful songs,” says Smyth. “I think each song deserves their own energy and their own language and it’s my job to kind of deliver that with the best of my abilities. I guess if people enjoy that vibe I encourage them to check it out.”
Each song off the album feels almost completely different to the next, but somehow as a whole comes together and tells a story, perhaps best described in Smyth’s own press release as “it rambles – cohesively – but is not lost”.
“They got it a bit right there,” says Smyth. “I feel that’s a nice comment and I appreciate it, because you want something very definite in its stance, but you don’t want it to be too ridged. With an album the biggest part is to try and tell some sort of complete story from start to finish that takes someone on a journey.
“There was no sense that the songs we selected were because they were the best songs that I had, it was more that these were a collection of songs that were right together.”
As amazing as the recording process has been, Steve is itching to get back on Australian stages and showcase his very unique and passionate style.“You know what they say, ‘making a record is making love and playing live is fucking’ … There are beautiful moments to each side of the industry”.
Smyth has just announced a massive 46-date tour throughout all of Australia, allowing him to tour some more obscure locations than just the ones our big cities have to offer.
“I’m fucking ecstatic, I’m really excited about being out of the capital cities and really getting to the heart of the country and I’m excited about how they will feel about it – I hope they’ll enjoy it,” says Smyth. “I’m excited about getting in a swag under the stars and camping out. It’s going to be great.”
The amazing thing about the length of this tour is that it comes off the back of another tour throughout Spain, but as Smyth reveals there are a number of reasons he likes to be constantly on the move.
“It’s a passion of course, but my idle hands are preconditioned – I drink too much and I’m no good,” chuckles Smyth. “Also, on the otherhand, it’s the only way to stay being a musician and not having to go back to carpentry because it’s the bread and butter – you don’t make money off records anymore and whatever you do you’re just lucky enough to make another record, and that’s success to me.”
So do yourself a favour and get down to one of Steve’s many shows in Victoria during October because you will be hard-pressed to find a musician that plays with more passion and venerability than this man.
When&Where: The Vine, Bendigo – October 3; Beav’s Bar, Geelong – October 9; Major Tom’s, Kyneton – October 10; The Loft, Warrnambool – October 16; and The Eastern, Ballarat – October 17
By Zach Broadhurst