Steve Smyth

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Steve Smyth

Moments before boarding a plane to America for SXSW, Steve Smyth gracefully took time out from the stressful pre-flight process for an interview. Heading overseas is just another one of the incredible opportunities the musician has been blessed with over the past few years.
“With every moment seems to come a new opportunity and each one I feel really privileged to be able to keep strumming a song and a tune. Many people have strummed them before and I guess I’m feeling pretty lucky to get to places and get to Geelong again,” Steve says.
Such opportunities have taken Steve to play beside a lighthouse, Secret Garden Festival and various regional locations. The beautiful thing about Steve’s shows is that he tries to ensure he can make the most of the town that he is in, making connections with locals at each stop he makes.
“There’s been a lot of times where you don’t even see a country, town or city because you fly in, you’re in the car then down into a basement somewhere. Then you play the gig, you’re back in the car and in an aeroplane again and you didn’t even breathe the air,” he says.
“So the peculiar places where somebody has thought to create a space that is not conventional always makes for a great time, always. I think that’s one of the best things about being in this particular trade is meeting so many incredible people. I think that’s the main thing that actually pushes me on, in the sense that it’s not the applause of the music it’s about being able to share the night with some people that you’ve met and gotten to know and obviously shared something with. And it’s always better the next time around when you come back because you just pick up where you left off.”
While he finds it tricky to give a definite answer on whether he believes in fate – stating that he believes in the human spirit and the ability to influence each other – there’s no denying that certain aspects of his life have been the result of a higher influence.
Meeting Jack Lowry at his house when he rocked up for a carpentry job was just the connection he needed to make to spur him into following his dreams as a musician. The friendship is something that even Steve admits as an unusual coincidence.
“That is interesting because we weave into each others lives, and it’s certain people in your lives that you know you’re a better person for having spent time with them and most definitely Jack has been one of them. Sometimes the most smallest of moments can be the most impacting as well,” he says.
“You never really know why you lead the path you lead, why you say no to certain things, why you say yes to others and finding yourself in situations where you find a best friend or you find a troubled time. I guess you always have to hold on to that burning sense of learning and of openness for ways to stay high – it’s all about how you catch those winds.”
Regardless of how Steve got to where he is, moments after this interview – a mere 30 minutes to be exact – he was catching those winds over to the United States. His return to Australia will be for one final tour supporting his album Exits before he heads back to the states to record his next album. A decision that worked wonders for him in his previous release.
When & Where: The Workers Club, Geelong – April 10 & Karova Lounge, Ballarat – April 12
Written by Amanda Sherring