Steve Hughes: Are You Serious?

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Steve Hughes: Are You Serious?

There was an exciting and diverse audience at the Athenium Theatre last month, with several metal fans present (who clearly knew of Steve Hughes’ musical past as a thrash metal drummer), as well as some political party candidates, where we were treated to some witty observations of today’s society.

The opening act prior to Steve’s show was British comedian Matt O’Neil. His humor was an indication of what was yet to come and was warmly received by the audience… Except for the Steve Irwin joke which reinforced that there will never be a right time to make a joke about the Australian icon. RIP to the animal king.

Before the show we were informed the main act would be filmed for a DVD, so once Steve arrived on stage, we made sure to make as much noise possible. His show ‘Are you serious?’ is an observation of the current obsession with today’s oversensitive climate and a warning for the easily offended was advised before the onslaught began. Known for his acid tongue approach and common-sense thinking, he surely made some of the crowd squirm in their seats with his insightful observations of today’s shackled way of thinking, but he was equally hilarious at the same time.

For about an hour and a half, we were treated to some harsh, old-style Australian humor, before the closing time, where we vacated to a cold Melbourne night with the election of our country decided. We had a great night and Steve Hughes cynical and brutally sarcastic style of comedy is a dying breed, but much needed in this time of sterile and robotic conformity.

True to his word, Steve pulls no punches and makes no apologies with his words. If you ever see that he is coming to a city near you, we highly recommend you go and see him and scream out Slayer.

When: Saturday, May 18
Where: Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne
Reviewed by Chris and Angela Newell