Steve Balbi

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Steve Balbi

Steve Balbi has just announced a run of tour dates to promote his new track – We Were Lost – following the successful Noiseworks’ reformation and recent NZ Tour with 1980s new-wavers Mi-Sex.

Balbi’s new tour promises a reimagination of the creative chameleon’s diverse catalogue of songs ‘n’ stories – from Noiseworks, Electric Hippies, Mi-Sex, his recent solo LP ‘I Think I Know For Sure’, and more… in eclectic, three-piece [GRID] mode – featuring Balbi (Noiseworks, Electric Hippies, Mi-Sex) on vocals and guitars, Colin Coorie (Richard Clapton) on the synth, piano, organ and keys, and Pete Drummond [Dragon] playing a live-looping launchpad, BVs, cymbals & snares.

Transcending rock and pop while coalescing sentimentality and soul, Balbi bespeaks Bowie and Dylan in melody and verse, exploring the heterogeneity, refinement, and dirty rotten groove of Radiohead. Be enlightened. Be inspired.

The new track – We Were Lost – is out now on Triplespeak/Metropolitan Groove Merchants (MGM). A sensuous, impossibly romantic journey, this latest song by the artist, composer, and producer Steve Balbi casts new light upon the way, following the recent reformation of Noiseworks. It also forms part of a 5-track EP to emerge throughout the first half of 2023. Recorded and produced in his Sydney studio, Balbi plays all instruments on the track, with Pete Drummond on drums. Mixed in collaboration with Tony Wall, ‘We Were Lost’ was mastered by fellow electric hippy Justin Stanley.

From his Sydney studio, which he affectionately calls his happy place, Balbi reflects upon his latest release. ‘It started out as a totally different song. I’d written the melody in an awkward key for me, so I changed the melody, I changed the lyrics, I changed the chords, and I kept throwing stuff at it, so it became a different song. What’s the song about? Well, it’s a metaphoric journey through childhood. Driving down a road, creating this masterpiece, being young and invincible. To be honest, I think we needed a miracle to make it through, and we did. But I found myself lost for many, many years. I guess that, in a nutshell, is what the song’s about. It’s not the happiest song you’ll ever hear but it’s sung through the lens of victory and survival. In this sense, I guess ultimately, it is a happy song. I wasn’t sure that I was going to release it, but I really feel something for this song, so I hope that you do too.’