Stereosonic on Hiatus

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Stereosonic on Hiatus

The internet has in the latest hours been speculating over Stereosonic’s reportedly permanent cancellation. Some sources have been reporting the cancellation is due to last year’s tragic events where two people died from drug overdoses at the Sydney and Adelaide festivals. Other sources have been linking it to financial problems due to bankruptcy.

No reason to panic though. Keep your gym membership and spray tan appointments, because according to their Facebook page they are just taking a one­year break – meaning even more time to get shredded for Stezza! The organisers assured all festival­goers that they will be back in action in 2017 through a recent Facebook post:

“Stereosonic Festival Update

Totem Onelove Group is currently working on bringing Stereosonic fans the best festival experience possible. As part of this, we are taking a hiatus during 2016. However, we will return in 2017, bigger and better.

We will see you soon!”

Looks like the companies behind the festival, Totem Onelove and SFX Entertainment, won’t let go of their baby that easily, and are determined to bring all Stereo­fans the ultimate experience.