Stephen Cummings

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Stephen Cummings

Stephen Cummings is a living legend of the Australian music scene, and now he is back with his brand new album entitled Nothing to Be Frightened Of. Taking a lot more of a raw feel to the songs, this album is a change of direction for Cummings and something that sounds very organic. Produced by the highly acclaimed Shane O’Mara, Cummings can’t wait to get back out on the road in support of the album. Taking in shows all around the country, these concerts will both showcase the new tracks as well as take a retrospective look at the last four decades of Cummings’ career.
“It will be great to play with Shane once again I think, because I think there is a certain chemistry between us. I haven’t been playing too many shows recently, so to get back out on the horse once again and out on stage is something that I am really looking forward to,” Cummings said.
Sounding a little more soulful than Cummings’ previous efforts, there was a deliberate decision made before heading into the studio to make a simplified record. “In this day and age it is good to have a finish date, because with modern recording you can go on for a long time by adding extra elements that aren’t particularly necessary.”
Recorded in just two days in O’Mara’s Melbourne studio, the simplified process is one that Cummings will be using in the future, if he makes another record. “I think I’ll be playing and making records ’til I really make it,” Cummings jests about his success. “The way we cut this record was the way to go. It’s the only way to really get something unique to happen. I’m excited to finally make it down to the legendary coast gig.”
Alluding to the final gig of the tour, the Piping Hot Chicken Shop gig on the 4th of October is set to be a remarkable performance showcasing songs from Cummings’ solo career as well as his work with The Sports. “Shane has played at the Chicken Shop with Lisa Miller and Tim Rogers before I think, so it will be a return for him, and I am genuinely really excited to experience the wonders of the place.”
Writing albums in this day and age is a very simple process for Cummings because he knows the direction that he wants to go in. “I have never really had trouble writing songs. It’s something that I just do. When we recorded the first two Sports albums, we did it like I have just done Nothing to Be Frightened Of. We rehearsed every day for 6-8 hours for nine months before we even hit the studio though, so there’s a difference there.”
The evolution of The Sports music is credit to the intense touring schedule of back in the day. One of the main venues the band played was the now legendary Kingston Hotel in Richmond. “One of the main reasons you became such a great live act was because you were playing so much. You had to play that much to make it work for yourself.”
With documentary Don’t Throw Stones out and a new album, be sure to catch one of Australia’s finest musicians in full flight.
When&Where: The Piping Hot Chicken Shop – October 4
By Tex Miller