Step right up! Step right up! Silver’s Circus is back in town…

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Step right up! Step right up! Silver’s Circus is back in town…

Take a walk back to your childhood with a circus experience like no other – then take a walk even further back to the Mesozoic era for a jaw-dropping dinosaur experience.

This year, Silver’s is here with a 165-million-year-old surprise. Presenting Jurassic Unearthed by Silver’s. Don’t miss your chance to see these prehistoric creatures rule the earth again with their 90 minute international show!

Silver’s is celebrating their 42nd year of family fun this year. Owned by Anna and Anton Gasser, Silver’s Circus has made its way into the Top 10 Circuses of the World. The tent of talent that is constantly wowing, surprising and entertaining is jam-packed with death-defying stunts and international acts.

This year they’re showcasing…

The wheel of steel: Two men jump and run through their act of sheer physical strength. Watch them dangle from unbelievable heights and prepare to be shocked again and again.

The Globe of Death: Four motorbike riders speed around inside a huge metal globe, missing each other by literally millimetres! This act will leave your heart pounding but begging for more.

Juggling Genius: This legend surpasses basic juggling, using downward rebounds and contortion to add to her unbelievable performance.

Vegas with Simon Tait: Get a feel of Las Vegas with Simon Tait and his sexy assistants as they perform the hottest new illusions straight from Sin City.

Hula Hoops: Gypsy from Argentina joins the crew and will leave you dizzier than you’ve ever been. She takes on 80 hula hoops being thrown at her from every direction – and all this while balancing on a mirror ball!

Comedy: Get ready to laugh like a hyena with Dominik Gasser and his hilarious friends. They’ll hit you with their riotous silliness till your gut hurts.

Unicycling: Yonas jumps from unicycle to unicycle showing off his precision, swiftness and. You’re sure to be astounded by his one-wheeling stunts.

All this and WAY more…but we won’t spoil it all for you.

Ringmaster Simon Tait has a passion for extracting the fun-side out of us all: “There is a child deep within all of us, and I have the great opportunity to realise that child every time I step out on stage! And with a little coaxing am able to prise the child from within each and every person in the audience.”

Don’t miss an experience like no other at the world-renowned Silver’s Circus in Geelong from April 5 to May 5.

Book via Ticketmaster or to see the realistic Dinosaur Experience on the way into the Silver’s Circus show.

Written by Naseem Radmehr