Stay hydrated with Brunswick DrankWater’s fresh new wave of music

Stay hydrated with Brunswick DrankWater’s fresh new wave of music

Words by Riya Kiran

This collective group of talented musicians are bringing about the future of Melbourne sound!

Brunswick based ConpleXx, Hudson Taylor, Syd-G and Aztec have always had a strong love for performing and creating music.

“Working normal jobs sometimes is a must. But I could never see any of us being able to settle for just a nine to five.

“This shit is imbedded, we plan to make it our lifeblood,” ConpleXx said.

Conor Ewing-Crellin, under the moniker ConpleXx, started DrankWater with Geordie Rhodes, AKA Syd-G, seven years ago in their last year of High School. Teaming up with Aaron Cross – Aztec, and Hudson Taylor not so long after, the four gave birth to a brand-new sound.

The collective idea behind DrankWater, which they’ve had since the start is that they are essentially a family, helping each other out both in music and when things get tough.

“We know we can go off and create music separately and then just as easily come back as a unit. For us we are stronger as a group than individuals,” SYD-G adds.

“When I look back at the bars and the lyrics that we made years ago I think good on you, good effort,

“But you’ve got a long way to go boys,” laughed ConpleXx.

“Now, we’re smarter, with a stronger work ethic – and we’re doing what works best, we know better how to synergistically work with our individual styles.”

Inspired by the sounds of Dave East, Baby Keem, GoldLink and WU TANG, their individual styles are rooted in Old School, R&B and Trap.

Hudson Taylor started writing his own music at the young age of 14. Having grown up in a strict Christian household, he was only allowed to listen to Gospel music, “I wasn’t even allowed to watch the Simpsons, but one day a friend from my grade three class gave me a CD which was 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

“No cure, right?” chuckled Hudson.

DrankWater’s more recent projects and creations however resemble a futuristic sound, way ahead of their time. Combing the old with the new, and harnessing inspiration from BrockHampton and Odd Future – who all operate as a collective of artists beyond the band, the group have come together as the new wave of hip hop to develop a range of unheard melodic vibes.

“We have a whole group of artists that work with videographers, photographers, graphic artists etc. Essentially, we are a family of creatives that produce fine music,” Geordie said.

“Each member has a different style that blends together to create high energy volatile bangers or slower, more melodic pieces that reflect our battles with mental health issues, unemployment, homelessness and all the other shit that people our age often deal with,” Hudson adds.

“We hope that our music, and the lyrics, remind people that ‘shit happens’ but you can get through it.”

In March 2019, Hudson’s song, Right Way, written with ConpleXx, topped the Triple J Unearthed Hip Hop Top 100 and hit Number 1 in the overall Top 100. With sold out shows in Melbourne to follow, COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works.

With traction and exposure just starting to build, this was a big hit for DrankWater.

“We are still fledglings so not being able to perform was hard – I don’t know how those artists who already had solid careers and gigs lined up coped.”

Live shows, have always been DrankWater’s favourite part of the creative process. According to SYD-G, performances and shows are where DrankWater really fire!

“So much energy, we give it out to our audience and get it back twice as hard,

“We all love performing, that’s what it’s all about and our shows are turned up to the max, no one’s attentions missed.”

Despite this, and with a strong focus on their passion, the group continued to write, create and work on their goals, “which is to get our music out there” stated Aztec.

DrankWater spent lockdown preparing to hit 2021 with a bang.

“We spent most of it writing songs and doing videos, not only to keep us out there as for our own sanity,

“Everyone gets their show, just be patient and make sure to stay level-headed, hard work beats talent. I feel like we have both,” Aztec mentions.

Hudson and ConpleXx, who were sharing a house, started a project, ‘Six Songs in Six Weeks’, producing videos and artwork to illustrate the isolation that all of Melbourne was experiencing during lockdown.

DrankWater have just signed with Right Hand Management, and also recently collaborated with Brisbane Producer and Rapper Nerve and No1Network, kick starting some killer projects to expand their sound.

With a number of hit tracks and gigs lined up for the near future and it would be a shame not to keep up with them.

“Now that we can perform again, and we have a suite of songs ready to go, I know its going be a fruitful year,” Hudson exclaims!

For more on the band, head to their Instagram or check out some more of their music!